COVID-19, Always Love, and Shop Updates

Hey Y'all! Spring Blessings to you and yours from me and mine! The shop will be restocked and back up and running (for a soft run) this Friday. If you don't see something you usually get from us when we update, just send us an email and ask!

I had this amazing post planned for the return of the blog. It was all about enjoying the return of life after winter, enjoying the days with and without rain, and taking extra (ha) time for you, but that photo of me was taken 5 minutes ago and I promise you I am more tired than my dark circles are big. That planned post was well meaning, but as I was all set to post that thing I wrote months ago, I realized that if someone showed me something like that right now, I'd probably cough in their face out of spite (joking, I would never, but you get the idea.)
So let's all just be painfully real for a minute or two.
I had pneumonia from mid-December to the end of February. I watched with horror as COVID-19 developed and spread and now it’s past our doorsteps and straight up living in our homes and heads. It’s scary, for a lot of reasons.
I have primary immunodeficiency. Our only regular income is straight commission. All my shows have been cancelled. I have elderly and immunocompromised family and friends… and oh, by the way, I can’t seem to find a bag of all-purpose flour to save my life and I bake and clean when I’m stressed out.
Yes, I have jokes. But I also have love for humanity… even if they weren’t washing their hands before now, if the grocery shelves are any indication.

Right now, everyone seems to need something (SEND ALL PURPOSE FLOUR), someone is having a panic attack, someone is scared as hell and doesn’t know what to do. Someone is trying to figure out how to teach their kids what they need to teach them… Hell, I'm freaking because I’m worried about bills, or my family, or I made the mistake of turning on the news.
I’m freaking, but I’m mostly okay. I have a great support system to talk me down when I get scared and a family that doesn’t mind the necessary and extra Lysol showers.
Not everyone does. Be kind to each other. Always, but especially now. Have a kind word for people with whom you interact.
I've been blessed to be able to do some food shopping and because my immune system is in a constant state of FU, I was lucky to have cleaning supplies.
But everyone doesn’t. So, if you have extra, please consider sharing with friends, family, and people who just need it.
We all know this is bad and most of us don’t have the safety net for this to be long term, but we can help each other through it with love and community.
I know I joke (this post, not so much) but seriously... try to breathe, try to stay sane, say OMFG, and know a new start will come.

Always Love,

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  • Mom, Esquire on

    Well said, little one. Take care of you and shout if you need anything. I’ll check on flour in C-ville.

  • Theresa Schmidt on

    Hey girl I love this! So well written, both uplifting and realistic at the same time. I too feel many of the things you write about and am disappointed basically was pent up in the house since December just because I was gearing up for the chance to do lots of festivals, looking forward to seeing lots of lovely faces like yours but like you I see so many people in need so please please reach out if you need anything at all! We are all connected ❤️

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