Flatten that Curve

So, as I'm sure most of you know, we gotta flatten this curve. I'm all about it. As I mentioned before, I'm immunocompromised and just spent like 3 months in bed with some ick. Let's do it. Let's stay in, do some hobbies, practice all the kindness with ourselves and others, and kick this NAST to the curb.

The downside of this is that, like most other people, I can't work. My work isn't the kind of thing that allows me to work from home and literally every Artisan Market has been cancelled through May (and that's just tentative.)

So... I'm having a sale! We all need soap right now, I've got plenty, and am making more every day! (I realize that artisan soap is a luxury, but I have bills too y'all.) I'm also finally well enough (thanks, Social Distancing!) to do inventory after the holiday markets, so be on the lookout for butter bombs, lotion bars, and other clearance goodies throughout the week. 

All bar soap is is going to be on sale even those clearance bars! The coupon code and percentage off drop on Instagram at 10:00 am EST Saturday, March 21st.

Be like my awesome sister Ricki and wash yo damn hands!

Also, watch this video by a personal hero explaining why soap is better than hand sanitizer (or even liquid soap) for flattening the curve. House Crow Studios Loves you, AB! 

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