Soulful Sunday at Wanderess Collections!

"Today is the Day!"

That's my daily waking affirmation. What does it mean? It means that EVERY DAY I wake up is THE day. The day to start fresh, the day to try something new, the day to love myself and the earth, the day to do anything!

So what's today's day? TODAY IS THE FIRST SOULFUL SUNDAY! 

The Goddesses at Wanderess Collections have started an amazing and uplifting movement to help educate and empower other Goddesses to be the best version of themselves. This week we'll be working on Self-Love. That's a loaded topic, I know, but if anyone is ready to tackle it, it's the wonderful group of women they've assembled for the first Soulful Sunday. 

I'll be there doing make & take self love sugar scrubs, talking intentions, and handing out a fast and simple self-love ritual you can do during your morning shower!

Come see us at Wanderess Collections460 Chambers Street in Downtown Woodstock at 5:30 for this empowering event. You do NOT want to miss this one!

Always Love, 


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